Self-protection requires self-confidence, self-defence the will to fight back.

Violent criminals look for victims and not opponents. When are you a good victim? When you can't set and protect your boundaries. In order to be able to successfully defend yourself in the event of an impending attack, you need yours inner strength, your will and ability to use them.

course content:

  • Basics of self-acceptance-self-confidence-self-assurance
  • Strength activation & stress regulation: The 3 pillars of posture, breathing and focus and the law of balance
  • The interaction of physique + psyche: calm heart and clear mind, the development of mindfulness in the interaction
  • The art of taking one's own stand and determining space: preventing violations of boundaries
  • Anatomy and basic physical laws in self-defense
  • Understand, recognize and influence the dynamics of attack situations
  • liberation and defense techniques
  • right of self-defence

Course Objectives:

  • Increase your self-confidence and self-confidence
  • Activation of your creative power to sustain life
  • Promotion of your stress regulation skills
  • Improvement of body perception and control
  • Learning effective self-defense skills
  • Encouraging your ability to confront and establishing an “anti-victim” attitude.

Course management: Cooperation partner Helmut Khünl-Brady

I am a martial artist out of passion and conviction. After a difficult childhood, which was marked by experiences of violence, I entrusted myself to the path of martial arts at a young age, initially as an autodidact. In Japan I was then able to meet my most important teachers and delve deeper and deeper into the theory and practice of traditional martial arts. After my return to Austria and many more years of intensive practice, I founded Okami Ryu Bujutsu to pass on my knowledge.

Okami Ryu Self Defense based on the traditional martial arts of hapkido, Ninjutsu and Kyokushin but is also inspired by other martial arts. My focus in self-defense classes is on more effective hazard prevention and Bullying Prevention.

Would you like to walk part of your way with me?

*** Ongoing courses offered by Okami Ryu Selfdefense for adults and youth ***

for people who are confronted with aggressive attacks in their everyday life.

training / costs

The training takes place in a small group once a week (double hour).

You will receive more detailed information after your registration Contact form. Individual lessons on request.

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  adult teenagers
trial lesson € 15,– € 10,–
block of five/group € 150,- € 100,–
block of ten/group € 250,– € 180,–