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  • (Association for the support, advice and support, further education and integration of young people and young adults in difficult life situations: Budotherapeutic measure for young people at risk of crime 2018)

  • Martial arts mentoring (individual and group) for students to promote general personal and social skills for constructive personality development with a focus on strengthening mental resilience (since 2020).

  • Workshop "Bow*Sword*Breath" to activate strength and dignity, for refugee women, 2019

  • Stress regulation and trauma-sensitive empowerment for war refugees

  • Juvenile crime prevention project JUDGE 4U based on budo-pedagogical approaches in Vienna Floridsdorf (extraordinary appreciation by the Vienna City School Board 2016 and 2018)

  • Speaker and workshop leader at international congresses in 2014 (Breitenstein near Linz) and 2015 (Berlin) and in the curriculum for Budopedagogic Germany 2017-2018

  • Therapy-supporting individual martial arts mentoring for women affected by violence

  • long-term Budo-educational measure for young people at risk of crime (July 2016 to May 2017)

  • "Mini-Samurai" workshop as part of the holiday care (July 2016)

  • "Mini- Samurai" workshop on "The virtues of the modern samurai" at a neighborhood festival (May 2016)

  • Empowerment & protection against violence, individual setting

  • Impulse workshop with sword on the topic of "decision-making processes" 2018 in cooperation

  • Seminar/workshop with Budo-pedagogical approaches for violence prevention officials "Dealing with delinquent young people in the area of tension between repression and prevention" (2013)

  • Organization, moderation, lecturer and workshop leader

  • Workshop support and advice

  • Seminar/workshop “Introduction to Budopedagogy, Postural Questions in an Educational Context with Difficult Children and Adolescents” (November 2016)

  • "FLASH- Mädchencafe" and "JUST-WIENERBERG" - workshops on self-assertion and empowerment", 2018 and 2021

  • 4th Budotherapy Conference 2022

    Workshop leadership “Chiyu jin ken” The healing sword

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