After the successful start of the KKM group settings with some of our young people, we gratefully accepted Ms. Nachtlberger's offer at the beginning of the Covid period to also be able to act in a small setting.

Since March, several of our participants, whom we look after for a year with the goal of job readiness, have been attending the KKM offer in individual settings. Ms. Nachtlberger manages to create a trusting environment in a very short time, in which the young people can get involved with what is usually very unusual and new and can try things out with great curiosity. After a short conversation prepared with our coaches, the young people learn in simple (physical) exercises and theoretical inputs, among other things, to feel their bodies, to relax and to focus, but also to promote their concentration and to have more confidence in themselves listen. According to the principle of helping people to help themselves, the participants tell us that they learned exercises to do at home/to imitate in the first unit and have already tried them. Most of them are initially enthusiastic about archery, but also about the calmness and the (loving) way in which Mrs. Nachtlberger treats them. (The Do it team would like to thank you for the professional exchange and the extensive cooperation in 2020 and will be happy to take advantage of the offer next year as a supplement to our program at the request of the participants!)

Team of trainers from Do it!/Ausbildungsfit/Itworks/Netzwerk Berufsassistenz