General Terms and Conditions for Lessons and Workshops (GTC)

  1. The general terms and conditions are concluded between the head of Kokoro-Do Mag.a Doris Nachtlberger and the participant and relate to all offers and services (lessons and workshops) offered by her. By using an offer or a service, the participant accepts the general terms and conditions. Legal guardians are responsible for their children.
  2. The participant agrees to be able to take part in the lesson on his/her own responsibility without danger to himself or others and undertakes to report any physical and psychological symptoms that may lead to impaired mobility or attention when registering and before the start of each lesson and workshop unit , to inform the instructor.
  3. Participation in the course/workshop is at your own risk. No liability is assumed for any damage to health or accidents caused by exercises that are not performed correctly or inadequately, or by failure to disclose physical and mental symptoms.
  4. The teaching management is committed to individually adapted teaching to the best of their knowledge and belief. In the event of relevant physical and psychological complaints, it is the responsibility of the course management to prohibit participation in the course/workshop.
  5. The participants will be informed about the teaching goals and workshop content, whereby the individual learning development and group dynamics are taken into account in each case.
  6. The transfer into everyday life is an important element of the lesson. Carrying out recommended (home) exercises is considered a necessary part of the personal learning process.
  7. The house rules of the Dojo Kokoro practice center must be observed. The house rules will be announced.
  8. In principle, Kokoro-Do lessons are only sold in blocks (blocks of five) to enable systematic learning. The purchased lessons must be used within 15 weeks, otherwise they expire (exception: long-term or repeated absence due to illness or injury.) From the 11th lesson, individual lessons are also sold.
  9. Confidentiality must be maintained towards third parties about the amount of any social tariff that may be granted.
  10. In the event of illness or other important reason, the agreed lesson can be canceled free of charge up to 9 a.m. on the day in question. If canceled at short notice, the hour expires. If a teaching unit is canceled by the teaching director, a credit/alternative date will be given. If a workshop is canceled, any prepayment will be refunded.
  11. Kokoro-DO reserves the right to cancel the lesson at any time and to withdraw from the contract if meaningful learning is no longer guaranteed. In this case, hours already paid for and not yet consumed will be refunded.
  12. If the participant breaks off the lesson unilaterally of his/her own accord, lessons already paid for will be forfeited.
  13. If within the Internet offer the possibility to enter personal or business Data (email addresses, names, addresses), the disclosure of this data by the user takes place on an expressly voluntary basis. The data will be stored for administration of the offer and personal contact - until further notice and will not be passed on to third parties.

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