Martial Arts Mentoring

Activate and strengthen your personal power of self-righteousness, self-discipline and self-help

Martial arts mentoring is called temporary accompaniment Frame of 5-20 units offered. The duration of a unit is one hour (approx. 45 minutes training, 15 minutes reflection).

It is recommended to use the units in the weekly rhythm to be completed in order to enable systematic learning.

The personal focus results from the individual funding or support needs. In the course of the exercise process, the focus can change and there is a flexible adjustment in each case.

At the non-binding "Dojo Sniff" (Duration approx. 30 minutes) you can try yourself out and get to know me and the place of exercise. In a conversation we will clarify whether martial arts mentoring is a suitable form of support and guidance for you.

No previous knowledge or fitness is required, but the willingness to integrate small, simple exercises into everyday life.

The results of the lessons are continuously evaluated and reflected on together with the practitioners.

Reports can be made available for institutional clients on request

children & young people

Martial arts mentoring has also proven itself for children and teenagers in crisis proved to be a helpful measure.

For teenagers Is there an opportunity in a one off "Orientation Mentoring" (double unit) to experience strengthening, clarifying impulses. Follow-up units can be booked if required.

For children we offer martial arts mentoring in the proven Double trainer setting ( 2:1) and thus take into account the special support needs of our youngest customers.

Shaolin Qigong

Immerse yourself in a 1500 year old art of energy work!

Shaolin Qi Gong is offered as

  • individually bookable course series
  • with 10 units of 90 minutes each
  • in individual, partner or group settings

In principle, it is possible to learn a Shaolin Qi Gong method and the preparatory exercises within this framework for subsequent independent practice.

In order to develop an exercise routine, practicing at home is also necessary.

After completion of the course series, follow-up units can be booked to check and deepen the learning progress.


Active health promotion & burnout prevention for your employees

We are happy to design Shaolin Qi-Gong course formats for companies and institutions as internal burnout prevention.

Somatic Qigong

For people with health impairments who are unable to learn the complete series of exercises, I offer a special one health-oriented teaching methods "Somatic Qigong“, in which the basic principles of Shaolin Qi Gong and Shaolin Rou Quan are worked with, and individual needs and requirements are given special consideration.


The art of drawing the sword quickly

Following an old tradition: Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu/Iaido

If you would like to learn the traditional samurai art of fast sword drawing Iaijutsu/Iaido, which originated in medieval Japan, offers private lessons a particularly intensive and individually adapted way of practicing.

I would be happy to give you an insight into this fascinating art during a trial lesson. If there is further interest, the Exercise modalities individually agreed.

With the appropriate commitment and perseverance, admission to the closed small group training possible.