Martial arts mentoring for private clients

#Personal supportandaccompaniment #Exclusively individual setting #Flexibleandtailored

Activate and strengthen your personal power of self-righteousness, self-discipline and self-help

Martial arts mentoring is as limited time offer conceived and takes place either in a longer-term accompanying Frame of 5-20 units instead of, or will as three-hour impulse – individual mentoring offered. The personal focus results from the individual funding or support needs.  During longer accompanied martial arts mentoring, a "taster session“, which also gives an insight into the working method, is researched together. In the course of the exercise process, the focus can change and flexible adaptation takes place in each case. In the case of impulse individual mentoring, a clarifying preliminary discussion takes place at the beginning.

More info about the method of martial arts mentoring here!


  • Increase in self-awareness and self-care
  • Promote a clear, upright posture
  • Training of the senses and the ability to coordinate
  • Developing mindfulness and increasing attention
  • Activation of joie de vivre and presence
  • Sharpening of clear thinking and concentration
  • Strengthening of energy and assertiveness
  • Strengthening of relationship and conflict skills
  • Reduction of social anxiety
  • Training in constructive confrontation skills
  • Removal of strength and development blocks
  • Stabilization and resource strengthening
  • Promote self-confidence and trust in the world

Lessons in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido * Shaolin Qi Gong * Somatic Qigong

#Ancient Samurai Sword Art #Authentic Inner Energy Work #Training of the Mind Through Mindfulness #EyetoEyeTeaching

If you like the traditional samurai art of fast sword drawing Iaijutsu /Iaido, which originated in medieval Japan, or the 1500 year old authentic inner energy work exercise system of the

Shaolin Xi Sui Jing / Yi Yin Jing / Ba Duan Jing Qi Gong want to learn, private lessons offer a particularly intensive and individually tailored way of practicing.

While Shaolin Qi Gong was traditionally developed by the founder of CHAN Buddhism in China (Bodidharma, Indian warrior monk) to strengthen body and mind, the traditional Japanese "way of the sword/sword drawing" has always been closely related to philosophy and practice of ZEN, which developed in Japan from the imported CHAN Buddhism. From these historical points of contact, a common "meta level" results in the special training of the mind through the practice of ATTENTION and PRECISION: Both disciplines require a high level of concentration and a meditative, inward-looking attitude, while at the same time being open to the outside world. Combination offers of IAIDO and Shaolin Qi Gong are therefore not only possible, but also particularly attractive.

I would be happy to give you an insight into these fascinating arts during a trial lesson. If there is further interest, the exercise modalities will be agreed individually.

Info about Shaolin Xi Qi Gong here!

Info about Tosa Juku Iaijutsu-Do here!

Somatic Qigong

#Energyandstructural work #Resolving blockages #Building up strength #Finding balance #Releasing self-healing powers

Based on the functionality and effectiveness of traditional Shaolin Qi Gong and Shaolin Rou Quan (related to Tai Chi Chuan), I offer “Somatic” QiGong. The focus here is not on learning entire series of exercises or forms, but on gradually regaining your optimal physical functionality as the basis for mental and emotional well-being. If, due to illness, accidents, unfavorable living conditions or mental illness, you have developed poor posture, hidden compensating movement patterns, lost a feeling for your core and conscious motor skills, Somatic Qi Gong is an effective way to improve your vitality and physical-psychic self-competence step by step regain step. In the very slow exercise context, blockages are specifically tracked down and carefully resolved. Harmful attitude patterns mostly have a psychological as well as a physical aspect. "Somatic Qigong" helps to correct them without any stress.

Individual martial arts pedagogical/therapeutic measures for institutional clients and sponsorships

#Professional planning and implementation #Sustainable development of competence expansion #Efficient therapy support
  • Martial arts - individual educational measures work out concrete learning goals of the client, which are determined jointly in the client meeting.
  • Martial arts -therapeutic individual measures support those defined by the client's diagnosis Cure/Palliation/Prevention Goals.

Implementation of individual measures

  • The requirements for the design and suitability for the individual measures are checked using a trial lesson and an admission interview.
  • Based on the results of the trial lesson, a concrete, time-limited offer will be made.
  • In advance, the customer must provide existing social anemias, psychological investigations and medically relevant diagnoses of the persons concerned.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, the units are to be completed on a weekly basis in order to ensure a systematic learning arrangement. A client/patient-oriented necessary flexibility is nevertheless taken into account.
  • The results of the lessons are continuously evaluated and made available to the customer as a report.

Info about martial arts in education here!

Info about martial arts as therapy support here!

Martial arts pedagogical / therapeutic Group courses for institutional clients and sponsors

Group courses can be customized based on Questions or topics of the client be professionally designed. The offers are only suitable for in view of the need homogeneous groups.

The following course topics are examples:
  • Anti-Violence Lessons " Peaceful Warriors" (target group: People who cannot control their emotions, are prone to violent outbursts and want to develop peacefulness as a strength​)
  • self-assertion lessons "Strong and True"(Target group: Low assertive people who want to assert themselves in life)
  • Focus Lessons "Clear and purposeful" (target group: Disoriented, indecisive people who want to find and achieve their goals)
  • Posture Lessons "Stay upright on the path" (target group: Addicted people who want to free themselves from addiction)
  • Anti-Stress Lessons “In the space between Yin & Yang” (target group: Stressed people who want to find and stabilize their inner balance)
  • Classes “Light-footed in the flow” (target group: People who feel “stuck” and “mournful” and long for more lightness and joie de vivre.)

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