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Underlying every fight is a conflict. "Taking up the fight" here means the insight, ability and willingness to accept the challenge of confrontation and to bring the conflict to a constructive solution by "actively allowing" the "friction process".

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The natural phenomenon of "struggle" also affects people with their first breath.

If this does not succeed, the fight is lost and life too. The archaic of “struggle” is inherent in life in some form, on many levels, from beginning to end. Combat is always exhausting and unpleasant, which is why it is only too easy to avoid it. But he still knocks on our door and persistently invites us to accept a challenge. Rarely does modern man take up the "gauntlet" consciously and purposefully. In the need for harmony, out of fear but also comfort, the “modern man” tends to avoid confrontations and challenges in life. Opportunities for inner maturity and growth are often not taken advantage of. Acting against one's own conviction and inner knowledge is often the result. The conflict that arises inside the human being disturbs the natural balance, which is further intensified by (usual) patterns of compensation and repression.

All Kokoro-Do workshops serve to strengthen and develop the personality of the participants using the medium of "martial arts":

KOKORO-DO addresses the natural interplay of confrontation and encounter within a conflict, both inside and outside, and through the systematic, professional use of martial arts, shows the importance of carefully accepting an emerging conflict. Options for action in dealing with human influencing factors are shown, new perspectives are opened up in a natural way.

Mindful confrontation leads to an encounter with yourself and your counterpart.

Unusual learning opportunities are arranged under careful guidance in an unusual setting, which are specifically and professionally oriented to the respective needs of the client.

With selected Elements from different martial arts and common meditation sessions the participants are given a completely new access to themselves in a very direct way, which actively and purposefully promotes action-determining cognitive processes.

In a joint discussion, the customer's needs are determined and, after clarification of the framework conditions (time, place, number of people), a concrete one Target for the workshop Are defined.

Kokoro DO designs a written offer, naming the exact content, terms of order and costs. The workshops are held either in the KOKORO Dojo or in a room made available by the client using a “mobile dojo”.

If you are interested in a workshop, I am available for a personal conversation to discuss your exact needs and the implementation options.

Historical insight into the essence of martial arts here!

Our workshops


Discover your inner warrior (for women)

#Distinction ability #Motivation #Enthusiasm #Focus # Courage #Determination #Assertiveness #Perseverance #Wildness # Fighting spirit

Bow*Breath*Sword (for women affected by violence)

#Dignity and Integrity #Joy and Integration #Connectedness and Permission #Power and Knowledge

Samurai 4u (for teenagers)

#Identity and Orientation #Horizon and Boundary Expansion 1TP4Community and Communication #Health and Confidence #Attitude and Integrity #Mind, Heart and Humor!

Dynamic process support and team building (for companies)

#Promotion of maturity for reflection #Development of new perspectives #Decision-making power #Social leadership skills #Attitude and strength

Human between heaven & earth (for holistic health prevention)

#Naturalness and change #posture and movement #spirit and energy #tension and relaxation

Empowerment (for children & young people)

#Kids & Teens # Self-Confidence # Self-Confidence #Self-Assertion

Stop in the space between Yin & Yang

#Deceleration #Find inner peace #Strengthen #Balance

Principles of self-protection & self-defence

#Self-assertion #Self-protection #Resilience to stress #Defense against danger #Technical training

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