• Dynamic process support
  • team building
  • empowerment

  • health promotion
  • Stress regulation & resilience
  • training

We plan individually and creatively according to your wishes and possibilities!

Extraordinary framework - methods intensive in experience - passionate team of trainers

In a joint discussion, the needs and interests of the client are determined and, after the framework conditions have been clarified, a written offer is submitted, stating the exact content/goals, order conditions and costs. The workshops are held either in the KOKORO Dojo or in a room provided by the client using a "mobile dojo".

“The integration of KOKORO-DO in a management workshop enabled all participants to meet their decision-making power and to focus and sharpen it. Working with the swords made it possible to physically, mentally and spiritually address the essential issue of “making a decision and pull through”. The experiences from this flowed into the entire consulting process and had a lasting effect. In addition to getting to know one's own approaches, this input also enabled a group dynamic process that clearly illustrated management issues. Also, the mindful bowing ritual was a bonding and very respectful one. The coaching team accompanied the samurai impulses in a highly professional manner and with full commitment.”

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Discover your inner warrior (for women)

#Distinction ability #Motivation #Enthusiasm #Focus # Courage #Determination #Assertiveness #Perseverance #Wildness # Fighting spirit

Bow*Breath*Sword (for women affected by violence)

#Dignity and Integrity #Joy and Integration #Connectedness and Permission #Power and Knowledge

Samurai 4u (for teenagers)

#Identity and Orientation #Horizon and Boundary Expansion 1TP4Community and Communication #Health and Confidence #Attitude and Integrity #Mind, Heart and Humor!

Dynamic process support and team building (for companies)

#Promotion of maturity for reflection #Development of new perspectives #Decision-making power #Social leadership skills #Attitude and strength

Man between heaven & earth (for holistic health promotion)

#Naturalness and change #posture and movement #spirit and energy #tension and relaxation

Empowerment (for children & young people)

#Kids & Teens # Self-Confidence # Self-Confidence #Self-Assertion

Stop in the space between Yin & Yang

#Deceleration #Find inner peace #Strengthen #Balance