Stop in the space between Yin & Yang

#Deceleration #Find inner peace #Strengthen #Balance

Finding and maintaining inner peace is difficult these days. But you need inner peace in order not to lose your balance.

Our life is subject to the polar energies of yin and yang. This is natural and also necessary to enable lively development processes. But it is also necessary to keep the balance between the interplay of energies. The space between yin and yang opens up through the ability to pause and consciously perceive one's own presence in all its fullness. In the "intermediate space" one's own center is anchored and the source of strength is hidden. It is therefore elementary for a life in balance to find and cultivate this access. With the help of the simplest breathing, body and movement exercises from a wide variety of martial arts, the yin and yang energies can be experienced in their different qualities and access to the "intermediate space" within the dynamic yin-yang change is actively made possible.

This workshop focuses on the art of deceleration and the ability to access inner peace and strength. Sustainability is intentional!