Discover your inner warrior (for women)

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Every woman has archetypal personality traits of the "inner warrior"

In order to be able to fully develop one's own human (and also female) potential, it is important to consciously perceive the inner warrior and also to consider her destructive shadow parts.

Typically, women find it difficult to constructively allocate their Inner Warrior partsuse. This is not least due to a collective social oppression and violation of female powers (Yin) for centuries. The result is usually a weakness in dealing with confrontations, in perceiving one's own needs, but also in implementing one's own dreams and visions. However, this weakening can also lead to an overemphasis (and thus ultimately to an imbalance) of the (male) yang components (in the woman). A sharpening of the male - yang parts without paying attention to a healthy "yin root" leads to a loss of one's own center or one loses the ground under one's feet. The polar primal forces Yin and Yang must also be allowed to fully develop their effect in the harmonious interplay within the human being, in which (regardless of the biological gender) there is always a force dominance. This means health and the basis to develop one's human potential, but also the ability to fight wisely when necessary.

The workshop "Discover your inner warrior" is holistic in this sense. Taking into account the dynamic, mutual conditionality of yin and yang, the valuable aspects of your inner warrior are made aware and activated as important tools.