Mag.a Doris Nachtlberger

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Learning takes courage, teaching patience - humor is helpful!

A lack of inner peace, strength and clarity often blocks the path to courageous determination and the desired change in life. As a martial arts mentor, with my many years of experience and my passion as a practicing martial artist, I will actively accompany you on a part of your journey to self-empowerment, from the struggle for life to the art of living!

main areas of work

  • Violence Protection and Violence Prevention
  • Emotion and stress regulation
  • strengthening of resilience
  • stabilization and empowerment
  • Constructive confrontation training
  • Health care through Shaolin Qi Gong & Rou Quan
  • Therapy support for trauma-related symptoms
  • Traditional martial arts with the samurai sword

Instructor for Tosa Juku Iaijutsu/Iaido in the tradition of the Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu 2nd Dan (Tosa Juku Austria)

Trainer for Shaolin Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, Xi Sui Jing Qi Gong (Shaolin Cultural Center Austria)

Trainer for Shaolin Rou Quan I (Shaolin Culture Center Austria)

Budo teacher (Master – Level 2nd degree (IfBP/D)

Budo therapist​ (IfBP/D)

Certified Instructor "The Peace Games" (Marilyn Cooper/USA)

Natur-Resilienztrainerin ® additional qualification: stress management (German Academy for Forest Bathing and Health)

Judge (retired)

Master of Laws (University of Vienna)

Tourism clerk & gastronomy specialist (HTLF Bad Ischl)

Since 1996 studying and practicing Chinese martial and movement arts:

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Tang Lang Style (Experiences in Wudang Kung Fu)

Tai Chi Chuan (practice in the styles Yang/Wudang/Chen),

Qi Gong (exercise practice in Wudang Wu Xing Qi Gong, 8 Brocades, Iron Shirt Chi Kung, Shaolin Yi Yin Xi Sui Jing Qi Gong,

Since 2012 study and practice of Japanese swordsmanship:

Iaijutsu/Iaido Tosa Juku in the tradition of the Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu (Tosa Juku Austria)


Experience in Shotokan Karate, Escrima, Yoga (Hatha/Ashtanga and Yin Yoga) and traditional long archery

Seminar "Early crises - late consequences", children's experience of violence and bio-psychological processing (Dr. K.Vavrik, Dr. W.Nowak/Austrian League for Child and Adolescent Health, 2009)

Curriculum for youth criminal judges 2009 to 2010

Seminar "What do young people want today" (Sichtart.eU /DSA Elisabeth Sixer, MSc, Mag. Dieter Schindlauer, 2012)

Seminar “Dealing with difficult clients, perception-communication-de-escalating behavior (Dr. Manfred Kampl/Sworn Expert for Forensic Psychology/, Manfred Hirnschrodt/Trainer for Applied Psychology/BKA)2013

Seminar "Dealing with addicts and parties at risk in everyday court practice" (Anton-Proksch/Institute, Mag. Michael Peter, Wolfgang Beiglboeck 2013)

Seminar "Pedagogy in Juvenile Criminal Proceedings" (Sworn Expert Dir.Dipl.-Päd, BEdMA Oliver Kölli 2015)

Seminar "Grammar of Power" (Christine Bauer-Jelinek, business coach and psychotherapist, 2015)

Seminar week "Intensive Dao-Dejing Studies, Part 1" (IDS, Jan Silberstorff, 2015)

Curriculum Budopedagogic Instructor Level (IfBP) 01/2017-03/2018

Conference with Haim OMER on the New Authority: The way to a respectful We - How we can become active in family, school and society for an appreciative culture of togetherness" (Church University of Education Vienna/Krems, 2018)

Seminar days "Leading and developing people - modern management in administration" (Eva Novotny/ Georg Herrnstadt, June 2018)

Workshop "Me! Quite self-confident" for multipliers (FEM Women's Health Center / Institute for Health Promotion and Model Development Vienna, 2019)

Seminar “Just a label? Diagnostic systems for mental disorders in childhood and adolescence" (GKPP Society of Critical Psychologists /Vienna, Mag.a Eva Pollak, 2019)

Seminar "Insight into trauma pedagogy - an introduction", Mag. Eva Rubenstein, Institute for Trauma and Resource Work, Otto Kanitz Academy for Adult Education, St. Pölten 2019)

Seminar “FLOW – methods of sports psychology to overcome the weaker self”, Mag.Dr. Klemens Weigl, GKPP Society of Critical Psychologists, Vienna 2019)

Further training and intervision meeting of the "Free Working Group Psychosocial Martial Arts" on the subject of Ishin-Deshin, Hünenberg/Switzerland, 2019)

Seminar "Stabilization in trauma pedagogy and counselling", Mag.a Nicole Rubenstein, Institute for Trauma and Resource Work, Otto Kanitz Academy for Adult Education, St. Pölten 2020)

Participation in online conferences in “Consious Psychology & Embodiment”, 2020

Participation in online conference “Somatic Movement Summit” (the Shiftnetwork), 2021

Participation in the Online Resilience Congress 2022 (D)

4th Budo Therapy Conference "Martial Arts in Therapy / Focus: Affect Regulation and Impulse Control (EAG FPI D, 2022)

"Transgenerational Transmission of Anxiety and Depression Associated with PTSD" (Dr.Scheutz /Hemayat 2022)

"Ecstatic trance and ritual postures according to Felicitas Goodman" (Dr. Scheutz/Hemayat 2022)

Interview in the specialist journal "Die Kriminalisten" from September 26, 2022 "Martial Arts Mentoring for Victims of Violence"

Report in the Kronen Zeitung from August 27th, 2022 "Viennese of the week"

APA press release "Former judge campaigns for protection against violence"

Interview in the online magazine ACESS GUIDE from April 7th, 2021 "Devotion and Courage".

Article in “” on July 12, 2019

"On the professional use of martial arts in psychosocial work with people"

(by Doris Nachtlberger & Werner Lussi)

Publication – Print

"Goddess Justice and the Little Samurai – Or: How I Learned to Love the Sword (An Inner Dialogue)";

"Courtroom as a dojo?"

About dealing with juvenile delinquents in the area of tension between repression and prevention"

in Budopedagogy and Therapy, Jörg-Michael Wolters/ Doris Nachtlberger (ed.)

Examples and concepts from successful practice, ISBN: 978-3-85119-363-3

ET: 2016


(can be viewed at the International Institute for Budopedagogic and Therapy in Stade/ Germany):

"Budopedagogy in youth criminal proceedings" A guide to increasing the special preventive effectiveness of judicial sanctions;
"The Sword of Love - Budopedagogical Confrontation & Encounter"

DOWNLOAD ->Master's thesis BP

"The interplay of Budopedagogy as a Yang aspect and Budotherapy as a Yin aspect in the dissolution of resistance that blocks learning and development opportunities


mindfulness allows Harmony and respect and is the leitmotif in my work with Kokoro practitioners. Mindfulness in thinking, feeling and acting means the ability "to be wholeheartedly in the here and now".

Only full presence enables the view of reality and its constructive acceptance. Internal martial arts trains a real view of the circumstances and teaches the art of adaptability to the needs of the moment. A lack of acceptance impairs the balance and freedom of response. An existing imbalance always means the loss of one's own center. No matter where the imbalance originates, it always affects upright posture.

Martial arts work on your own attitude: physically and mentally. with Movement, encounter and reflection Initiating, individually adapted creative exercise arrangements, I activate the art of human self-education and the ability to help yourself.