SHAOLIN Qi Gong enables mental and physical health care. It promotes strength, vitality, robustness and resilience.

Qi Gong means something like “Working on life energy (Qi)” and teaches exercises in slow, harmonious movement and meditative silence. It is suitable as Supplementary practice for professional athletes and people in particularly stressful professions, as well as very good for elderly and weak people.

  •  Absorbing new energy from nature,
  • Resolving energy blockages,
  • Strengthening the immune system,
  • Reduction of stress and anger 
  • Therapy-supporting effect for cardiovascular problems, nerve problems, rheumatism, exhaustion, nervousness, back and joint problems 

The tradition

Shaolin – Qi Gong has its origins in the Shaolin monastery in China at the foot of the sacred Song Shan mountain range. Built in 495 AD by the Chinese Emperor Xiaowen for the Indian monk Batuo, this monastery is considered the origin of Chan (=Zen) Buddhism and the cradle of martial arts.

The traditional path of the Shaolin culture is based on the spiritual and philosophical legacy of Chan Buddhism and builds on the three pillars of Gong (Kung) Fu, Rouquan and Qigong on. All three forms of movement are aimed at the functional optimization of body and mind, with the purpose of personal spiritual development as a human being. Shaolin culture believes that a healthy, clear mind requires a healthy, strong body in which life force energy (Qi) can flow freely.

While the exercise forms of Gong Fu and Rou Quan are about moving energy outwards in a targeted manner and also developing explosive effectiveness in fighting techniques, in Qi Gong you learn to convert the breath power into inner Qi (power), to nourish it maintain and regulate.

The inner energy work of Shaolin Qigong is fundamental to the development of the impressive abilities of the famous Shaolin monks, but for the general public it is an excellent way to achieve lasting mental and physical health.

Three methods (Ying) with the energy (qi) to work (gong ) provided as teaching systems

  • The 8 exercises of Baduan Jing(Chan) Qi Gong
  • The 12 exercises of Yi Jin Jing Qi Gong
  • The 12 exercises of Xi Sui Jing Qi Gong

All three exercise systems are only used in connection with the so-called "Preliminary Exercises" to the Opening the energy gates , the "Ba Jins” and standing mediation taught and practiced. This methodology ensures optimal effectiveness of the actual QiGong exercises.


Opening the energy gates
The joints are set in motion from the toes to the crown of the head with circular movements.
This activates the synovial fluid and loosens blockages. Joints become more permeable and Qi can flow freely.

Ba Jins
Bajins are light stretching warm-up exercises for muscles, tendons and ligaments. Ba means lengthen or stretch in Chinese. These gentle stretching exercises are used to relieve tension and activate the meridians.
Above all, the chest and shoulders are stretched for more breathing volume. More oxygen gets into our organism and we feel fresher. All exercises lead to deeper breathing in the natural breathing rhythm.
breathing is life.

Zhan Zhuang
Standing meditation Zhan Zhuang in combination with conscious breathing calms the mind, leads to deep relaxation and inner harmony. It is also said to stand like a tree. Connecting with the earth energy and at the same time with the heavenly forces is a very old method of connecting to heaven and earth.

Energy massage and seated meditation
Energy mass is a self-massage that stimulates the meridians and gets the Qi flowing.
Energy points on the feet are gently activated with the pressure massage. The energy massage is particularly effective after sitting meditation.

The reference to the precious brocade fabric is intended to express the high health value of the exercise series. The Shaolin culture integrated and adapted this system according to its own understanding, which attaches great importance to precision in movement and mental attention. The eight standing exercises are the easiest to learn and are therefore well suited for beginners. They are (in contrast to Yi Yin Jing Qi Gong) not very dynamic, which is why learning correct breathing is easy. This series of exercises is widely used in China and also in the rest of the world in many modified forms as "8 Treasures, or 8 Brocades".

the 12 Yi Jin Jing Qi Gong exercises are considered an effective method of fascial transformation and strength building. They are performed while standing and generally serve to improve circulation and elasticity. Yi Yin Jing Qi Gong is traditionally practiced to prepare the body and mind for the exercises of Xi Sui Jing Qi Gong. Both Qi Gong methods can also be learned and practiced on their own.

Xi Sui Jing Qi Gong is an internal form of Qi-Gong and can be called the supreme discipline, which was kept secret until a few years ago. Due to the inestimable value for the human health of body, soul and spirit, the 30th abbot of the temple, Grand Master Shi Yong Xin, finally decided to spread the teachings in a qualified manner.

These are Qi Gong exercises that have a 1500-year tradition and were developed by the legendary Indian monk Bodidharma (28th successor of Buddha Shakyamuni and founder of Chan Buddhism) for the purpose of further intensifying the self-healing powers. According to traditional Shaolin medicine, Xi Sui Jing Qi Gong strengthens the bones and "cleanses" the bone marrow. The blood quality is improved. The 12 individual exercises flow into each other and are coordinated by breathing that is tailored to them. The 12 exercises of Xi Sui Jing Qi Gong transform the breath qi into strong internal energy (gong). Through the practice of Xi Sui Jing Qi Gong, which is also called "bone marrow washing", the body is stimulated to release energy blockages and to increase and harmonize the energy flow. Xi Sui Jing Qi Gong has a particularly deep effect, in that the Qi is directed into the bones and generally deep inside the body in order to be able to develop its harmonizing – healing and strengthening – constructive effect there. through the correct execution of Xi Sui Jing Qi Gong the original Qi is strengthened in the sense of the individual basic constitution and the natural aging process is slowed down. The effect of Qi Gong can be used preventively and to support therapy in the healing and alleviation of high blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia, headaches, digestive problems, heart and circulatory diseases, nervous disorders, tendencies to depression, diseases of the spine and the musculoskeletal system. Due to the blood-cleansing effect attributed to it, Xi-Sui-Jing-Qi-Gong is also described in traditional Shaolin medicine as a stroke prophylaxis.

This Qi Gong practice is particularly well suited, not only to prevent burnout, but also as a method of self-healing in the case of an existing burnout diagnosis.

The reason for this lies on the one hand in the special exercise process, which is characterized by pronounced, conscious slowness and the calming and clearing of the mind, which can thus come to rest and regenerate. On the other hand, this practice is particularly beneficial for the regulation and balancing of organ functions (which according to TCM also includes the brain) and in particular for strengthening the kidney essence, which also stands for storing life energy according to TCM.

In this respect, Xi Sui Jing Qi Gong can be regarded as an excellent method of “recharging your own batteries” and “overhauling”. The design of the offer in an individual setting guarantees individual adaptation to the respective needs and absolute freedom from stress in the exercise context.

The positive effects unfold very quickly. However, sustainability can only develop with long-term, regular (at least 3 times a week) practice.

XI SUI JING Qi GONG has a particularly strengthening effect on the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the recovery and regeneration of the organism and the building up of energy resources, thanks to its meditative character and aspect that strongly emphasizes the spirit.

As psychoneuroimmunology has already researched, the autonomic nervous system is directly linked to the immune cells, which are directly influenced by the nerve fibers of the sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system. Too much stress (especially distress) overloads the sympathetic system, leads to an imbalance and at the same time has a weakening effect on our protection and defense system in the body. If the external defense through a healthy (balanced) immune system is no longer sustainable, this can also have negative consequences for our internal organs, and in general the development of diseases.

How do I learn SHAOLIN QI Gong

Infuse every movement with awareness

The external forms of exercise can be learned relatively quickly. However, the effectiveness only arises through a consistent, repeated practice of awareness within the forms of movement. This happens very slowly in coordination with conscious, soft, deep breathing. The attention is drawn completely inward to the bodily sensation. The resulting awareness relieves the restless spirit so that it can increasingly follow the inner and outer movement with all its strength and clarity.

Somatic Qigong

For people with health impairments who are unable to learn the complete series of exercises, I offer a special one health-oriented teaching methods "Somatic Qigong“, in which the basic principles of Shaolin Qi Gong and Shaolin Rou Quan are worked with, and individual needs and requirements are given special consideration.

The focus here is not on learning entire series of exercises or forms, but on gradually regaining your optimal physical functionality as the basis for mental and emotional well-being. If, due to illness, accidents, unfavorable living conditions or mental illness, you have developed bad posture, hidden compensating movement patterns, lost a feeling for your core and conscious motor skills, Somatic Qi Gong is an effective way to improve your vitality and physical-psychic self-competence step by step regain step. In the very slow exercise context, blockages are specifically tracked down and carefully resolved. Harmful attitude patterns mostly have a psychological as well as a physical aspect. "Somatic Qigong" helps to correct this without any stress.

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