Our offers

Kokoro Do offers traditional lessons in the Japanese swordsmanship arts Iaido/Iaijutsu and Shaolin-Qigong as well as (budo) educational-therapeutic formats for private individuals, companies, social work organisations, educational institutions, schools, as well as professionals in advisory and therapeutic fields. In "martial arts mentoring" I design individual needs-based offers on request with exercise elements from the areas of Iaido, Kendo, archery, Escrima, Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, Yoga and Zen meditation. As a process-oriented method, the focus is on the exercise. The offers are suitable for children, young people and adults and are adapted accordingly. No prior knowledge or special requirements are necessary.

Violent criminals look for victims and not opponents. When are you a good victim? When you can't set and protect your boundaries. In order to be able to successfully defend yourself in the event of an impending attack, you need your inner strength, your will and your ability to use them.

Where is practiced?

The KOKORO DOJO (traditional practice and shelter for Far Eastern martial arts) in Vienna's third district (1030 Vienna, Hegergasse 16/2) serves as a practice facility.

If required, KOKORO DO designs a "mobile DOJO" in a suitable room provided by the client on site.

How do you practice?

...individually adapted to the respective needs and objectives, in clean socks, comfortable, if possible dark training clothing (long trousers please).

Please comply with the house rules of the DOJOS. Above all, this means no eating and drinking in the practice area, arriving on time, respectful and mindful behavior. Each practice session is framed by a traditional greeting and short meditation.

Injuries and other health restrictions, as well as psychological complaints, must be announced BEFORE the practice. In the case of existing medically or psychologically relevant diagnoses, the clarification of the suitability for teaching with the treating doctor or therapist is requested.

Kokoro Do offers do not replace a visit to the doctor or therapist. There is also no personal life or social counseling!

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