Martial arts in education

Martial arts in the pedagogical area promotes and supports the development of generally valuable social, personal and professional skills and means...

  • professional methodical use of the (social) educational and personality-building principles and content of traditional Far Eastern martial arts
  • Integration of modern Western educational approaches (e.g. from nature and adventure education)
  • holistic approach with "head, heart and hand"
  • Observation and attention to the needs, resources and deficits of the client
  • Definition of specific learning goals for changing/expanding thinking, feeling, experiencing
  • Spatial-mental shelter (dojo) as a learning space
  • focus on the exercise principle,
  • process orientation

In general, martial arts pedagogical offers always have the effect of promoting...

  • of health and self-confidence on a physical, mental and spiritual level
  • the clarity in thinking and feeling,
  • experience the intensity in self and in others,
  • the ability to organize and orientate yourself
  • the ability to perceive and organize one's own needs and those of others
  • the ability to enter into and form relationships
  • a constructive ability to deal with conflict
  • of mindfulness and self-reflection

The martial artist as a pedagogue designs and shapes the learning arrangements through an on the Relationship offer based on pillars of responsibility and trustthat one Transmission of the pedagogical content via the principle of resonance allows.

Rei-Ai (Respect and Harmony)