Dynamic process support and team building (for companies)

#Promotion of maturity for reflection #Development of new perspectives #Decision-making power #Social leadership skills #Attitude and strength

Do you want to give your employees an impulse that causes lasting movement and helps to completely new perspectives?

KOKORO - DO offers you an experience- and movement-oriented, protected framework within which intensive self- and other-experience is made possible, whereby cognition processes with regard to oneself, but also to the partner or the group are made possible:

Possible topics are e.g: power impotence abuse of power, leadership & attitude, clarity & power of decisions, Pulling together...

KOKORO-DO workshops are very suitable as a team building measure.

“Movement – Encounter – Reflection” feedback:

“The integration of KOKORO-DO in a management workshop enabled all participants to meet their decision-making power and to focus and sharpen it. Working with the swords made it possible to physically, mentally and spiritually address the essential issue of “making a decision and pull through”. The experiences from this flowed into the entire consulting process and had a lasting effect. In addition to getting to know one's own approaches, this input also enabled a group dynamic process that clearly illustrated management issues. Also, the mindful bowing ritual was a bonding and very respectful one. Doris Nachtlberger and her assistant Udo Feldmann accompanied the samurai impulses in a highly professional manner and with full commitment.”

Elizabeth Sixer (Consultant for modern organizational designs and Good New Work bringing out the best together view type EU)