Empowerment (for children & young people)

#Kids & Teens # Self-Confidence # Self-Confidence #Self-Assertion

In every human being there is sufficient power potential to claim and fill out one's own living space and to defend against injury by others.

Expressing one's own needs and being able to define and defend necessary boundaries first requires training in self-awareness and awareness of one's own resources and attitude and their effectiveness. The activation of one's own power potential is only possible from an attitude of clarity about what one wants and doesn't want. The power potential must be controlled and consciously directed, otherwise it will ultimately turn against you."Empowerment" is part of the necessary self-care in order to shape one's own life constructively and to be able to assert oneself in the event of a conflict while avoiding a fight.

The "Empowerment" workshop focuses on experiencing one's own power, its effectiveness and its controlled, conscious use and is primarily aimed at children and young people who have already experienced violations of their own integrity and are therefore blocked or uncontrolled in their self-efficacy. The aim of the workshop is to increase self-efficacy and increase the ability to act in precarious and attack situations.

A notice: Empowerment is not self-defense. Self-defense techniques can only be taught seriously as part of long-term courses and ongoing practice, but not in a workshop!