Man between heaven & earth (for holistic health promotion)

#Naturalness and change #posture and movement #spirit and energy #tension and relaxation

In order to be able to fully develop one's own potential, it is essential to practice a naturally upright posture and to optimally adapt to the constant processes of change in life in a relaxed manner.

According to the Taoist view of the nature of things, man is the connecting being between heaven and earth.

The workshop "Human, between heaven and earth" offers a playful introductory movement context based on health-oriented movement arts such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Basic knowledge of the importance of a rooted, flexible posture with deep breathing are addressed with regard to the ability to control one's own "energy" household. Another important focus is the introduction to the conscious perception of one's own states of tension and relaxation. Approaches to self-competent stress regulation through exercise options for a physically and mentally relaxed attitude are shown.

The aim of the workshop is to give the participants a tangible impulse about physical-mental-energetic connections with regard to their own inner and outer attitude.