Bow*Breath*Sword (for women affected by violence)

#Dignity and Integrity #Joy and Integration #Connectedness and Permission #Power and Knowledge

#Dignity and Integrity #Joy and Integration #Connectedness and Permission #Power and Knowledge

Any form of violence always violates human dignity and disregards the principle of life. Systematic violence for the targeted oppression of women is a particularly effective contribution to the destruction of our creation.

Martial Arts -Women's Integration In addition to the individual promotion of the participant processes, the potency of female solidarity in joint movement and implementation of strength is an additional effective factor for human re-integration and the promotion of successful social interaction.

This playful - joyful special - workshop is aimed at women whose personal integrity has been violated by various forms of violence and coercion. He takes into account the effects of traumatic experiences on body, soul and spirit and shows ways of self-help and self-regulation by working with your own body.

In the foreground are the goals of constructively activating access to one's own strength and, with regard to one's own human dignity, to have a re-integrative effect. Qualities such as mindfulness, clarity, focus, inner peace, self-confidence, the ability to set boundaries, assertiveness and respect are touched and set in motion through physical work.

The workshop is only organized in small groups in cooperation with care facilities for the affected women.