Samurai 4u (for teenagers)

#Identity and Orientation #Horizon and Boundary Expansion 1TP4Community and Communication #Health and Confidence #Attitude and Integrity #Mind, Heart and Humor!

The "SAMURAI 4 U" workshop is geared towards the needs and requirements of young people (from 13 years) and, using elements from Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and swordsmanship, serves to prevent psychosocial risk factors through targeted activation and Strengthening of internal protective factors.

In today's world, when "everything seems possible" and "nothing works", it is a special challenge for young people to find orientation and to develop their own point of view. Without a constructive contour, however, the protected personal "space" that enables healthy growth and prepares the ground for various personal risk factors is lost.

The "Samurai 4 U" workshop offers an exciting, activating and safe framework that deals with serious topics in a humorous, body- and movement-oriented way. Through self-awareness, the young people gain more clarity about themselves and their social effectiveness. Becoming aware of the inner strength that is fundamental to every human being helps to anchor self-empowerment.

Possible contents are *health and self-care, *attitude factors, *dealing with emotions, *orientation and mindfulness, *concentration and focusing on goals, *assertiveness and *endurance, *stress regulation and conflict resolution, *constructive handling of "defeat and success (frustration tolerance)".

A series of workshops (modules I – III) or longer-term support can also be booked to enable a sustainable increase in skills:

Module I  Posture & Strength : Taking your own stand – self-confidence
  • self-awareness and mindfulness
  • Breathing, posture and strength principles
  • Self-care and health care: stress regulation
Module II Empowerment & Control: Taking up space - self-regulation
  • confidence and effectiveness
  • assertiveness
  • control
  • empathy
Module III  Clarity & Focus: Taming the Mind – Self-Control
  • precision and directionality
  • decision-making power and will
  • focus and openness
  • Action clarity and flexibility