“I would like to thank Doris for her mentoring work with me! As a victim of physical, psychological and sexual violence, I have already experienced a number of therapies (talk therapies, art therapy, body therapy), but none of them gets to the 'core' and is at the same time so reprocessing and stabilizing. It's such a fine concept that starts so fundamentally that you can really bring about changes with seemingly 'simple' exercises! Doris senses very well where her own inhibitions are, how to overcome them, where space needs to be given, which proximity/distance is beneficial for the process - even without words, simply in the self-image of the work she does.

It is an uplifting, an 'education' that causes her work; you come into direct and immediate contact with yourself, with your own issues, but also with your own strengths, your own strength and your own abilities, and in Doris you have an attentive, appreciative and benevolent counterpart who supports and accompanies this sometimes challenging career . Thanks."