Our very creative and highly sensitive 9 year old son suffers from ADHD and impulse control disorders. Mild Autism Spectrum Disorder was also diagnosed. He has therefore been in psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment for a long time. Since he has increasingly developed into a "system crasher", we were looking for additional support:

Doris Nachtlberger managed to get in contact with our son in a very short time and to intensify it, because she treats him as an equal and with appreciation. During the practice sessions, our son can genuinely laugh. We've been missing that relaxed, honest, childlike smile from him for a long time. In the playful practice sessions, he also learned to concentrate more easily and to focus on just one of his countless ideas. The physical exercise helps him release tension so he comes home happy and relaxed every time! We were able to observe how he gains healthy self-confidence and also learns to accept and follow rules in the dojo. The progress that we have seen in our son in this relatively short period of 15 sessions so far is also encouraging in those moments when you are exhausted and perhaps lose confidence, because you see what development is possible is.