We have a Shaolin Qigong course with Mag. Doris Nachtlberger to promote the health of our employeesbooked internally, which is exposed to an extremely high level of stress in the care of torture and war survivors. The feedback from the employeesinside were thoroughly enthusiastic. For example, I got the following message:
Dear Ceci,
Angelika and I talked about the Qi Gong course with Doris yesterday on the way home and also now in the kitchen.
We both would like to say that we found it really great and valuable AND are very grateful to you and Hemayat for the opportunity to participate. On the one hand it was particularly strengthening for us and on the other hand we can implement parts of it well and use them in our work with the clients.
Angelika says it was like “just a little spa stay” for her ;) a special investment in our health!!!
Best regards, Angelika and Pia