“OCTOPUS MENTORING is a measure that offers young people and young adults support in resocialization and integration in the labor market. In our work, we subject both the aspirant and the set action as well as the social environment to a holistic view.

Our aspirants often exhibit personal deficits in behavior and in controlling their responses to change. In 2014, at the invitation of Ms. Mag.a Nachtlberger, we were able to get to know the basic values in the professional educational use of martial arts at the Budo Education Congress in Kirchschlag near Linz. The experience that we gained aroused further interest in me as a mentor, and so I found out from Ms. Mag.a Nachtlberger about possible (pedagogically oriented) applications of KOKORO-DO martial arts mentoring in the course of OCTOPUS MENTORING. A test was started with an aspirant because of his personality structure and his multiple problems. After a relatively short time, the aspirant showed considerable positive changes in behavior as a result of being accompanied by Ms. Mag.a Nachtlberger. What was particularly striking was the young person's "ability to rest in oneself", even in provocative situations. This experience encourages us in our work with adolescents and young adults to include educational or therapy-supporting martial arts mentoring as an optional component of OCTOPUS MENTORING.

Peter Paul Mikiss, OCTOPUS CEO